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Holloway, Europe and Babies.

Where do I begin…

Holloway, Europe and Babies reminds me of those times when you barricade yourself into a family run pub and become pleasantly surprised to read that home made soup is on the menu only to be deflated when the flamboyant barmaid suggests that you’ll be gorging on Potato an Leek.

“Whats the soup”?….”oh, its Hollway, Europe and Babies”………”oh”.

There is nothing wrong with Potato and Leek, its wholesome, nutritious and on those cold wintry days it gives you that warm glow needed to undertake such tasks as supporting QPR.

My point is on reflection of such an optimistic start to the season I expected a whole lot more from our young, dynamic, enthused manager JFH than for him to end up displaying dreary punditry on Chelscum matches rolling around like a dog who has found a huge mound of shit.

JFH had the talk, walk, you name it and I for one was looking forward to watching the young, hungry, European influence he seemed to attach to the squad. The likes of Cheri, Poulter, the Polish bloke and the other Polish bloke all filled me with an air of anticipation. Not to mention the stride of QPR youth team players fringing.

Yes, I was optimistic. Especially after dismantling Leeds…oh that’s such a long time ago.

However football is a funny game theses days, I love saying that, it gives me the believe that its not just QPR who end up feeling like this after what seems to be the most underwhelming season I can remember.

For all the Meat & Veg Holloway brings it has been a welcomed relief to have someone who truly holds the club badge close to his chest at the helm and for all his industry you just cannot fault the guy for commitment and guile.

Its fair to say that its enjoyable having Holloway back at Loftus Road even if sometimes you feel we’re missing out on a young, dynamic, European influenced, Ex-Pundit, Ex-Man United Class of ’92. 

Perhaps we’re not missing out and Meat & Veg is exactly what should be on the menu…a bit like my disappointing soup order at the beginning of this blog.

To finish this blog I ask to be excused from my absence of the realms of Queens Park Rangers. It is due to the arrival of my Daughter, Ruby Louise.

Yes, She’s a SuperHoop and No,  She hasn’t a choice!


Left back in the changing room…

So I begin this blog after a weekend of high intensity. No I’m not talking about watching the Olympics or even about hitting the gym, I’m talking about Queens Park Rangers.

Never one to get carried away when it comes to the Super Hoops I find myself in the precarious position of feeling slightly, I rephrase, ever so slightly optimistic after one solemn display of sheer brilliance, togetherness, spirit and determination.

Let’s reign it back in, Leeds were average.

However, I must name a few who had me completely overwhelmed with what seemed to be a term not familiar to these parts of West London, desire. 

Onuoha – Hall – Caulker!?! – Bidwell

You’ve got it, our back four. In control, determined, passionate and playing for the shirt. The R’s are going up I here the R Block cheer!

Come on let’s allow ourselves at least three days of dreaming before Swindon knock us out of the league cup.

My main point of this blog lies with one man and one man only, he didn’t have a spellbounding all action game but I for one was extremely impressed and relieved to see that this season we actually have a left back.

Step forward Mr Jake Bidwell, was I impressed that you looked ever so comfortable receiving the ball as well as playing it, yes. Was I impressed that with every attack you were hanging around their box like a bad omen, yes. Was I impressed that you actually favour your left foot from your right…you do don’t you!?

Regardless to say, I could not hide my distinct pleasure of pointing out our new left back to my bored wife every time he received the ball. A true true left back at last.

Now if I was a dedicated and non full time worker I would research every successful team over the years, be that non league through to Champions league and find that everyone of them housed a rousing, marauding, callous left back…I’m sure.

Irwin, Lahn, CLIVE WILSON, Pearce, Cole (tosser), R.Carlos, Dicks help me out here…

The most favourable of these fine left backs for me is of course Clive Wilson. Name one better left back to have graced the Blue and White Hoops? Mick Leach…stretching my Dads stories of QPR teams bygone.

My point today is that Jake Bidwell is the first left back I can remember who fills me with absolute joy and security to watch. He even had that left back look to him, short, nimble and aggressive. A beautiful footballing phenomenon.

Whatever happens this year Rangers fans I believe we’re in for an absolute treat, ignore the cup match on Wednesday, keep drinking London Pride at the Crown and Septre, kiss the new beautiful badge and roar on The Super Hoops Home and Away because…


The Footballing Maverick

The Footballing Maverick, we love them, we admire them, we even want to be them.

We flaunt in front of the mirror sometimes imagining what it would be like to meet that cross, steering the leather spherical ball into the wanting onion sac…

We’ve all had the dream but these guys live it.

I’m talking about The Bartons, The Mcdonalds, The Bowles, The Marshes, The Spencers, The Birchams.

The sort of player who grabs the game by the scruff of the neck and makes that slight difference that wins football matches. They don’t even need to be the most gifted of footballers, but their presence alone whilst you watch the teams warm up give you…hope.

Hope, being a QPR supporter is paramount and the afore-mentioned names are a few who have given me that sense, similar to the incurable optimism of purchasing a pre-match burger from the Loftus Road catering team.

Growing up and watching the SuperHoops throughout the early nineties now seems to have been a privilege, an age where football was still clinging onto the tackle and still carrying the title of a Gentleman’s sport.

I’m afraid to announce that those days are dead and buried, but does this age of the footballing pantomime still hold a light to the Footballing Maverick…?

Joey Barton did a good job of it for us, cavorting around the pitch, tackle here, tackle there. It sparks the mind to suggest that “We’re not here to be bowled over” and I for one love them.

Who can we rely on with this current crop I ask you?



and we begin…2016/17

I’ll start how I mean to go on, in a fashion adorned by many a Rangers supporter, the forlorn, distressed, wild animal, abating attack after attack from villainous vultures…ie The Football League.

Who, what, where is this decrepit beast that lies beneath the green grass of football glory?

I have two visions, one of a panel not too dissimilar to an assembly at the European Union, two of a retired accountant rustling paperwork and desperately trying to maintain elements of relevance.

We all know they have a job to do, but the Ali Faulin situation which marred that fabulous season sticks hard into the mind. Not to mention the allegations of breaching FFP regulations.

Don’t worry though, the new slick, dynamic CEO seems to believe that it’s all under control. Brushing it under the carpet until his bonus gets paid. Lovely Jubbly or whatever they say in America these days…

I shouldn’t start with such pessimistic tones, so a brief look at the coming season.

The Manager, The Squad, The Stadium, The Bush……welcome to our Football Club.