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All aboard the Cup Run…

I write this blog on the back of a defeat to Barnsley on Wednesday night, we all knew it was coming but surely, surely a few of us premeditated the R’s being top by two points having come away from Barnsley with a well deserved victory.

I for one did. Carried away again?…over expectancy? 

I think it’s important this season to allow this new squad of players to make mistakes, cause an uproar and give away last minute goals. 

Let’s face it, it wouldn’t be QPR without these elements.

From the terraces its easy to see that JFH and Sir Les have a clear strategy ahead and for the first time in years we have a team that looks hungry for success. 

To win or get promoted in the Championship demands these qualities as we all know.

I also can’t help thinking back to the Warnock days and that fantastic mix of experience and youth running through its veins, a well oiled machine tuned for Tuesday nights in the Championship. Those formidable fixtures like Barnsley on Wednesday night were made for veterans like Clint Hill and Shaun Derry. They just knew how to get those results.

That’s why we need to give this team time.

As much as they are a talented, hungry bunch of individuals it’s clear to see that we lack that steel that runs through most Succesful Championship clubs. Those typical players who you don’t always notice but always seem to be on the winning side.

Can footballing talent alone win promotion to the promised land or are there minor factors that contribute to a Succesful campaign I ask? 

On a positive note our Cup Run is full steam ahead.

Who cares how we brushed through the first round, the fact of the matter is that we were in the hat for the draw. We can now look forward to a humdinger against…Rochdale.

Perhaps we’ll scrape through on penalties and we can all enjoy a late night at Loftus Road again. 

The magic of the Cup.


Left back in the changing room…

So I begin this blog after a weekend of high intensity. No I’m not talking about watching the Olympics or even about hitting the gym, I’m talking about Queens Park Rangers.

Never one to get carried away when it comes to the Super Hoops I find myself in the precarious position of feeling slightly, I rephrase, ever so slightly optimistic after one solemn display of sheer brilliance, togetherness, spirit and determination.

Let’s reign it back in, Leeds were average.

However, I must name a few who had me completely overwhelmed with what seemed to be a term not familiar to these parts of West London, desire. 

Onuoha – Hall – Caulker!?! – Bidwell

You’ve got it, our back four. In control, determined, passionate and playing for the shirt. The R’s are going up I here the R Block cheer!

Come on let’s allow ourselves at least three days of dreaming before Swindon knock us out of the league cup.

My main point of this blog lies with one man and one man only, he didn’t have a spellbounding all action game but I for one was extremely impressed and relieved to see that this season we actually have a left back.

Step forward Mr Jake Bidwell, was I impressed that you looked ever so comfortable receiving the ball as well as playing it, yes. Was I impressed that with every attack you were hanging around their box like a bad omen, yes. Was I impressed that you actually favour your left foot from your right…you do don’t you!?

Regardless to say, I could not hide my distinct pleasure of pointing out our new left back to my bored wife every time he received the ball. A true true left back at last.

Now if I was a dedicated and non full time worker I would research every successful team over the years, be that non league through to Champions league and find that everyone of them housed a rousing, marauding, callous left back…I’m sure.

Irwin, Lahn, CLIVE WILSON, Pearce, Cole (tosser), R.Carlos, Dicks help me out here…

The most favourable of these fine left backs for me is of course Clive Wilson. Name one better left back to have graced the Blue and White Hoops? Mick Leach…stretching my Dads stories of QPR teams bygone.

My point today is that Jake Bidwell is the first left back I can remember who fills me with absolute joy and security to watch. He even had that left back look to him, short, nimble and aggressive. A beautiful footballing phenomenon.

Whatever happens this year Rangers fans I believe we’re in for an absolute treat, ignore the cup match on Wednesday, keep drinking London Pride at the Crown and Septre, kiss the new beautiful badge and roar on The Super Hoops Home and Away because…