and we begin…2016/17

I’ll start how I mean to go on, in a fashion adorned by many a Rangers supporter, the forlorn, distressed, wild animal, abating attack after attack from villainous vultures…ie The Football League.

Who, what, where is this decrepit beast that lies beneath the green grass of football glory?

I have two visions, one of a panel not too dissimilar to an assembly at the European Union, two of a retired accountant rustling paperwork and desperately trying to maintain elements of relevance.

We all know they have a job to do, but the Ali Faulin situation which marred that fabulous season sticks hard into the mind. Not to mention the allegations of breaching FFP regulations.

Don’t worry though, the new slick, dynamic CEO seems to believe that it’s all under control. Brushing it under the carpet until his bonus gets paid. Lovely Jubbly or whatever they say in America these days…

I shouldn’t start with such pessimistic tones, so a brief look at the coming season.

The Manager, The Squad, The Stadium, The Bush……welcome to our Football Club.





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